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Revolutionary VOD service that knocks out competitors!

If you're thinking about subscribing to Netflix, you might want to think twice. There's a new giant rising on the VOD market - and, best of all, it's free. Millions are cancelling their VOD subscriptions because of this site.

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Author: Sean Grant Chief Web Editor of FilmNEWS
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Watch for free before it's too late

The newest online movie service, Pickaflick, has taken the US by storm, attracting more and more users thanks to its huge library, original content and high quality.

How is it possible that it costs nothing to start a Pickaflick account? We asked its team the same question. "We are aware that giving free access to a service like this is a pretty unusual move. But we also realize that we need publicity first. So this is our first step towards building a loyal following of users."

However, you should hurry if you still want to sign up for free. Pickaflick's team informed us that, with the rise in the number of users, they are planning to introduce paid subscriptions soon. You can check if it's still free HERE!

You ask, we answer!

It sounds awesome. How do I sign up?

Just click HERE. The signup is very simple and takes literally one minute. For now it's still free, but remember - it can change any day now.

Can I use it on mobile devices?

Yes, Pickaflick works on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. All of its features can be enjoyed in the mobile version.

Are there any country restrictions?

No. You can access all the content from any country and enjoy the full offer also outside of the US and Western Europe.

Author: Sean Grant Chief Web Editor of FilmNEWS

What Pickaflick has to offer?

  • A growing catalogue of over 6500 titles
  • Unlimited ad-free streaming
  • Personalized movie recommendations
  • HD video quality
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Ernest Blake
My whole family is already using it - it's really worth giving a shot
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Martin Scholtz
As a European I'm happy there's finally a VOD website interested in viewers outside the US!
Reply Like 519
Yvonne White
Yep, most of them are a joke here. I'll gladly give my money to someone who recognizes that other continents exist!!!
Reply Like 83
Lindsay Krueger
It's still free so you don't even have to pay them anything :) just signed up and all works well with no restrictions
Reply Like 105
Paul Murphy
Love the fact that Pickaflick is free of annoying ads. The service I subscribed to earlier had ads even though I paid for it
Reply Like 217